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Cloud Apocalypse

When the world was young,
and the men's tongue could easily change the nature,
the cloud was heavier than it is today.
It is obvious since there are many things inside the cloud, such as rain, snow, hail, thunder, lightning, and elves.
Was cloud crushing down on humankind the 2nd or 3rd Extinction, I don't remember well.

The gods asked the dwarves to make the lightest chains ever.
At first, the dwarves didn't accept their request for they didn't have to worry about the cloud. They were the smallest ones who lived underground and breathed the dirt.
Then the gods coaxed them by rewarding them beards thicker than any folks.

They crafted the thread chains with sand and crystal, and the birds tied and hanged the cloud on the wind.
The clouds are flying lightly now.